Our story

The guest house “Liepu Laipas” is a place where to enjoy oneself!

Away from the everyday hustle and bustle, on the bank of the Little Jugla River with direct access to the river, the comfortable and hospitable guest house “Liepu Laipas” located 30 minutes’ drive from Riga waits for you. All opportunities have been created here to relax and enjoy peace, silence and the presence of nature, as well as hold celebrations in the circle of your relatives, friends and colleagues. This guest house is perfect for celebrating important life events in a very specific atmosphere.

…with one foot in the past and the other in the future. We have created this guest house with a true sense of the homeland in our hearts – from the foundation stone to the highest ridge of the roof – to give our guests a unique, pleasant and surprising relaxation.

Our value is Latvia 100 years ago, today and 100 years from now both in the material and in the sacred world.

From the material world, we have borrowed the values that have been tested and verified for hundreds of years: red clay bricks, which were purchased from almost all areas of Latvia, wooden materials known and tested for centuries and used in construction and finishing works, inimitable shingles made of aspen wood, which serve as a roof covering for our haven of peace.

The linden tree (Liepa) has long been known as a sacred symbol for women. From the very birth of a child, our ancestors hung the cradle on a linden branch, where the baby would grow up in the presence, smell, colours and vibrations of the mother – feminine energy. In Latvia, Liepa is the tree of Mary, the patroness of everything feminine, which contains all the qualities that God has given to a woman, so that she can carry them through life and pass them on to the women of her family: daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters. Laipa means a footbridge symbolizing a link between the earth and the universe.

“Liepu Laipas” is a place where Mother Earth meets the Universe, a place where new families and new dreams are born and ancestral traditions are honoured.